Metropolis: New Beginnings

EPISODE ONE: Old Acquaintances

Scene Three

Kansas State Penitentiary ~ Maximum Security Wing.

“Tell me what I want to hear.”

The expensively suited lawyer set his briefcase down on the narrow tabletop in front of him, clicking it open as he spoke into the receiver pinned to his ear, “It wasn’t easy.”

“I don’t pay you an extortionate retainer to do the ‘easy’ things Mr. Leibmann.”

He lifted his gaze and looked straight into the emotionless eyes on the other side of the tempered glass. Throughout his career he’d been the lawyer who made no bones about taking on clients who were guilty as charged. It was his job to get them off regardless. But never in his career had he represented a client who sent a chill up his spine the way this man did. Lex Luthor was as close as Leibmann ever expected to get to the devil before death.

He swallowed hard, forcing a confidence into his voice that he didn’t feel, “We have the locations of all of them now,” He took a breath, “barring the girl.”

Lex’s mouth curled into a smile that didn’t warm his eyes, “The one I specified I wanted the most?”

“Our contact couldn’t completely confirm anything past eighteen months ago.”

“Then find another contact.”

Leibmann cleared his throat, glancing up at the security cameras as his hands settled on the briefcase only to have Lex’s voice speak coolly into his ear,

“I bought a window. I have contacts of my own.”

The older man nodded, opened the briefcase and lifted out a folder, “On the other matter we’ve had considerably more success. The first stage of Genesis is ready as per your instructions.”

He held a photograph up to the glass, peering over the edge to see the very second Lex’s eyes focused on what he was seeing. It took a mere tenth of a second more for his smile to grow, his voice deep and filled with a chilling darkness,

“In position?”

“A week from now.”

Lex nodded, “I’ll be at the designated rendezvous.”

His lawyer had no idea just how he planned on making that happen. And frankly he didn’t want to. In the two years that he’d been the Luthor Lawyer, he had seen and heard things he would take with him to his grave. So he put the photograph back into the folder and lifted the lid of the briefcase to lock it away again.



“Find the girl.”


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